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206 East Cass Street
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We believe that joy and excitement can motivate us to do great things with our body, minds and souls.

Private Sessions

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Why private yoga?

Practicing yoga has many rewarding benefits including losing unwanted weight, gaining strength, increasing flexibility, and relieving stress. While yoga classes are fun to attend, it can be difficult to advance or to address your specific needs while practicing within a group. Private yoga sessions provide a great opportunity to learn more advanced poses and deepen your practice. They offer the ability to work one-on-one with an experienced teacher who can design a program that is personalized to you.

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Private yoga session pricing (in-studio)                            PRIVATE YOGA SESSION PRICING (ON-SITE)

60 minutes / 1 person: $65.00                                                                                        60 minutes / 1 person: $75.00 
75 minutes / 1 person: $75.00                                                                                        75 minutes / 1 person: $85.00
90 minutes / 1 person: $85.00                                                                                       90 minutes / 1 person: $105.00

60 minutes / 2 to 3 people: $75.00                                                                              Group session pricing upon request: 
75 minutes / 2 to 3 people: $85.00                                                                    
90 minutes / 2 to 3 people: $95.00

60 minutes / 4+ people: $100.00
75 minutes / 4+ people: $120.00
90 minutes / 4+  people: $140.00

Swing (Aerial) yoga session (in-studio only)

60 minutes / 1 person: $65.00
60 minutes / 2 people: $45.00 per person
60 minutes / 3 people: $40.00 per person
60 minutes / 4 people: $35.00 per person
60 minutes / 5 to 9 people: $30.00 per person

Our private Swing (Aerial) Yoga sessions can last up to 90 minutes and provide the opportunity to take group pictures.
Please note: photos are for personal use only. No photos can be used to promote another business outside of Yoga Downtown Tampa.  


  • Private yoga sessions must be paid 24 hours in advance
  • If a private yoga session is cancelled 24 hours in advance, we will work with you to reschedule
  • We can only offer studio credit for cancellations
  • Refund policy:  Sorry, we do not offer refunds.   We are very happy to provide a credit to the studio if your reservation is cancelled 24 hours in advance. 
  • Privacy Policy:  Customer information is collected for the sole purpose of processing your payment and communication of activities in Yoga Downtown Tampa.   This information is kept confidential and is never shared.